Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work on any other makes and models besides Glock?

Yes, we offer our engraving services on almost any make, model, part, etc. as long as the space is “engraveable” (clean, somewhat flat, and can fit within the range of the laser)

Can you engrave other items or do you just do Firearms?

We offer engraving for almost any items that are “engraveable”.

What is your Turnaround and/or Shipping Times?

Turnaround and shipping times vary depending on your project.

  • In Stock Products – Ship in 2-3 Days.
  • EDC Packages, Engraving Services, & Laser Stippling – 7-10 day Turnaround Time.
  • Coating and Finishing Services – 2-3 Week Turnaround Time.

Do I need an FFL to ship my firearm for me?

We are an FFL.  Complete firearms and/or receivers may be shipped directly to us and from us back to you.

Does my project need to be disassembled before I send it?

We prefer to receive just the part or parts that will be serviced.  Projects are subject to disassembly and assembly fees.

Do you offer your products or services Internationally?

No. Our products are only available in the parts of the United States that still recognize the Constitution.

What is your coating process?

All of our coating is done or overseen by Montactical.  Montactical uses Cerakote, DuraCoat and Moly Resin products.  All finishes are extremely high quality.  Product selection depends on the effects being achieved.

All parts to be coated are completely disassembled, de-greased, and media blasted.  Ferrous metals such as slides are phosphate etched (parkerized) prior to coating. Coating is done inside and out and heat cured.  Tolerances and performance are not affected.  Montactical is a well respected name in the industry for high quality firearm refinishing work.

Ancient Adornments for a Modern Era

In ancient times, warriors personalized their tools to honor their gods, signify wealth, and record history.  Swords, daggers, and other weapons have been adorned with intricate scroll work, ornate patterning, battle field carvings, and other timeless artistry for several millennia.  Are you ready to carry forth the tradition and join their noble ranks?

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