Do you offer custom builds?

We offer custom theme projects on a case by case basis when time permits.  We specialize in historically and culturally themed art.  A non refundable deposit is required up front for all custom work.  For more information regarding our custom offerings, visit the themed builds page in the menu above.


Do you offer production line engraving services?

Yes.  We currently do bulk product engraving for several manufacturers.  If you have a product or products that need marking we would be happy to discuss options.  Please email us at: info@borderpineindustries.com


Do you ship Internationally?

No, our current products and services are only available in the United States. 


Where are you located?

We are based out of Central Montana.  Our principal office is: 1217 Smelter Ave, Black Eagle, MT 59414.


I am local, can I stop by?

All visitation to our principle office is by appointment only.  Please email us at: info@borderpineindustries.com


Do you have a phone number I can call?

Yes we do, but due to shop noise it seldom gets used.  Email is our preferred method of communication and though we are willing to use the phone for general purposes, we require all matters of business communication to be conducted by email.  Our main business email address is: info@borderpineindustries.com


Do you have an FFL?

Yes.  We have an 07 Manufacturing License.