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Step 1 (Order Form)

  • Print and completely fill out the order form below.  Please review our service pages for detailed information regarding the specific services we do and do not offer.
  • For custom Engraving and Stippling, your graphics (Vector/ Raster) must be emailed prior to shipping.  Black and Transparent Vector (.EPS) is preferred.  We also accept High Resolution Black and Transparent Raster (.PNG) for an additional fee.
  • If you do not have your own graphics, please contact us prior to ordering.  We offer graphic design on a case by case basis starting at $150.00.

Step 2 (Packaging)

We advise you pack small and secure. The smaller it is, the less expensive it will be to ship. The more secure, the less chance it can be damaged in transit. Do not send ammo. We also highly discourage the use of Styrofoam peanuts as they do not secure items as well as other options and can be very messy.

What to include:

  • Copy of your State Issued Drivers License, or the Senders FFL
  • Properly Completed Order Form
  • Project or parts to be serviced preferably disassembled unless otherwise specified. (For EDC Packages, fully assembled Glock). (For NFA Engraving, the receiver or silencer and NFA Paperwork)
  • If providing graphics, text, fonts, etc. Please remember to email the files prior to shipping.

Step 3 (Shipping)

We have an 07 Federal Firearms License (FFL). You may ship your project direct to us, and we can return ship direct back to you. Your return shipping address must be the correct address as represented on your accompanied drivers license. Do not put a PO Box, UPS Store, or other address. You may also ship and receive through a local FFL. If you choose to do this, please have the FFL email (ATTN: Border Pine Industries) with a signed copy of the FFL and your order number.

Do not send illegal or questionable firearms or parts (ineligible or altered serial #’s, un-papered NFA, etc.) Such items will be surrendered to the proper authorities.

When dealing with shippers, we recommend taking a copy of their rules with you to avoid any hassle. If you have any issues, please contact us.

Shipping Address:
ATTN: Border Pine Industries
1217 Smelter Ave
Black Eagle MT 59414

As a courtesy, we ask that you send us Tracking Information for your project. Tracking Information can be sent to:

Ancient Adornments for a Modern Era

In ancient times, warriors personalized their tools to honor their gods, signify wealth, and record history.  Swords, daggers, and other weapons have been adorned with intricate scroll work, ornate patterning, battle field carvings, and other timeless artistry for several millennia.  Are you ready to carry forth the tradition and join their noble ranks?

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