Barrel Engraving - Crown

Laser Engraving

Give your barrel some personality!  Laser engrave the crown of your barrel with your own custom text!  

  • Many custom options to choose from.
  • Can be done to any pistol barrel with an appropriately engraveable space. (Not recommended for .40, .380 Barrels due to their thin walls.)
  • Can be done to your own barrel or added to one of our EDC Packages.


Order and Shipping

  • Select your desired to design and "Add To Cart" above to proceed through the Checkout process. Follow our Packaging & Shipping guide to ship your project.
  • If you are adding this service to one of our EDC Packages, please annotate that in the NOTES during Checkout.
  • Turnaround time is typically 5-7 days.



You are responsible for following local and state laws. Check for laws in your state.



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