Barrel Engraving - Meandros


The name Meandros, or Meander, is derived from a Greek word for a decorative border art consisting of a continuous line that is shaped into a repeating motif. The Meandros in modern times is also called the Greek Fret, or the Greek Key. The Meandros can be found in many ancient Greek artifacts from pottery to architectural friezes. It is often thought that the Meandros symbolizes Unity and Infinity.


Laser Engraving

Our Meandros Barrel Engraving is a perfect 360 degree wrap of the barrel, laser engraved in the Greek Meandros pattern.  This is the perfect compliment to our Signature Series Spartan EDC Package.

  • Perfect 360 degree wrap of the barrel with no seam.
  • Can be done to almost any pistol barrel.
  • Send in your own barrel or add this to your EDC Package.


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