PMAG 30 - Viking

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This Viking inspired design features a Nordic style knot bordering the top and bottom of the design on both sides.  The Left facing side bears The Helm of Awe, symbolizing Power, Protection, and Dominance in Battle.  The Right facing side depicts the Valknut encircled in the Runic Alphabet.  Below these powerful symbols are the words "Valhalla" (Left Side), and "When I Die" (Right Side) in Runic lettering.


Laser Engraving

Our Laser Engraving process bleaches the polymer die of the magazine without removing any material leaving behind a permanent imagery.  Magazines may vary from time to time in the manufacturing process resulting in slight variations of the final engravings.


Magpul PMAG 30 AR/M4

The PMAG 30 is an AR15/M4 compatible 30 round capacity magazine.  The magazine is made of impact resistant polymer and features a flared floor plate for positive magazine extraction, a durable, long lasting, and corrosion resistant steel spring, and an anti-tilt follower.  The Magpul PMAG 30 is a cost competitive upgrade from the common USGI magazine.


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