What is Phosphating (Parkerizing)?

Parkerizing is a chemical process using a low strength acid combined with either Manganese or Zinc to etch the metal and provide a porous surface to absorb oil and prevent corrosion. The process includes degreasing and media blasting before being submerged in the acid bath. Parkerizing produces a tough, rust resistant and long wearing finish on ferrous metals.

Zinc was typically used from 1944 to the end of WWII and many post war builds. Zinc produces a dull, medium gray finish.

Manganese was common throughout WWII and on all post war new production. Manganese phosphating produces a medium to dark-gray or black finish. Manganese gives a coarser, more porous finish than Zinc. This finish also meet standard mil-spec MILL-STD-171 for small arms finish.

Colors may vary depending on the make-up of the metal being etched as well as the lubricant used, such as gun oils, cosmoline, etc.

Phosphating Prices

Parkerizing Prices

Manganese Phosphate
+$10 for Zinc.

  • Pistol Slide$75.00
  • Pistol Frame$75.00
  • Small Parts$35.00 – $75.00
  • Scope Rings$25.00
  • Rifle/ Shotgun – Action only$200.00
  • Rifle/ Shotgun – Complete$250.00

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