Pistol Engraving

Engraving Types

  • Surface- Engraving removes the finishing treatment of the slide or surface being worked. Results vary depending on the material being engraved. For most projects, the engraving is lighter than the finished surface. If the project is stainless steel, the engraving anneals the metal and results in a dark charcoal/black engraving.
  • Deep- Engraving is perfect If you plan to coat the project or color fill the engravings. Our deep metal engraving penetrates to a depth around .010" which retains excellent visibility once coated, anodized, etc.
  • Inverted- Engraving is a style of Deep engraving that removes the background of the design and leaves the text or artwork as the high point. This style must have a boundary or border around the design. This style is not always feasible.


Any clean, flat space is likely suitable for engraving. Most common locations are the top of the slide forward or rear of the port. Some slide models are better canvases than others and have suitable space available on the sides of the slide as well. Engraveable locations vary greatly depending on model.

Graphics & Text

We can engrave your own graphics & text. Graphics must be properly proportioned Black and Transparent Vectors (.EPS). We will also accept High Resolution, Black and Transparent Raster Graphics (.PNG) for an additional charge. Full graphic design services (based off your concepts) are available on a case by case basis. Please see rates listed below.

If requiring graphic work, contact us prior to ordering.

360' Barrel Engraving

Our 360 degree barrel engraving is a perfect wrap of the circumference of the barrel in your selected pattern. The pattern repeats cleanly without any obvious seam.

  • Perfect 360 degree wrap of the barrel with no seam.
  • Can be done to almost any pistol barrel.
  • Send in your own barrel or add this to one of our EDC Packages
  • Currently available designs shown below.


Barrel Crown Engraving

Give your barrel some personality!  Laser engrave the crown of your barrel with your own custom text!  

  • Can be done to any pistol barrel with an appropriately engraveable space. (Not recommended for .40, .380 Barrels due to their thin walls.)
  • Common engravings include:
    • SAY / CHEESE
  • Can be done to your own barrel or added to one of our EDC Packages.


Pistol Engraving Prices

Pistol Engraving Prices

Prices assume customer supplied vector graphics. Graphic charges are indicated with (*).

  • Pistol – Surface Engraving$ 65.00 
  • Pistol – Deep Engraving$ 85.00 
  • Pistol – Inverted Engraving (If Feasible)$ 100.00 
  • Pistol – 2 Locations – Surface Engraving$ 125.00 
  • Pistol – 2 Locations – Deep Engraving$ 165.00 
  • Pistol – 2 Locations – Inverted Engraving (If Feasible)$ 195.00 
  • Pistol Barrel – Crown Engraving$ 35.00 
  • Pistol Barrel – 360′ Engraving (Our Designs)$ 60.00 
  • *Raster (Customer Supplied) to Vector Graphics Conversion$ 25.00 
  • *Graphic Design Charge (No Customer Supplied Graphics)Starting at $ 150.00 

Ancient Adornments for a Modern Era

In ancient times, warriors personalized their tools to honor their gods, signify wealth, and record history.  Swords, daggers, and other weapons have been adorned with intricate scroll work, ornate patterning, battle field carvings, and other timeless artistry for several millennia.  Are you ready to carry forth the tradition and join their noble ranks?

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